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Textile and garment industry transformation "machine substitution" trend

China News Service, Jinjiang, April 19th (Chen Dannio, Liao Jing) “With the economic development of the mainland, the wages of workers have also been constantly rising, and the traditional labor-intensive industrial advantage is weakening.” Taiwan Youth Association of Shoe Associations President Lin Qiaozhong told a reporter from the China News Service in Jinjiang, Fujian Province on the 19th that this means that the Chinese shoe enterprises are eager to pursue development and need more sophisticated shoemaking machines.

For the mainland's future high-end shoe machine market, Taiwanese shoe makers generally believe that "machine substitution" is a trend and inevitable.

Taiwan’s Tianyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Lai Zheying wrote to the reporter: “A production line originally used 60 to 100 people, but now a machine requires only one person for a minute. At the same time, there is also energy saving, using full-servo. Machines can save up to 50 times, and everyone can count them."

"Using automation equipment is a trend." Lin Qiaozhong said that the mainland government now emphasizes that it is necessary to upgrade automation to replace labor and introduce many policies; the increasing demand for high-end equipment from mainland shoe enterprises will also attract more and more Taiwanese companies. Shoe machine companies settled in mainland China.

The 17th China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Fair continued to be held in Jinjiang on the 19th. The Taiwan Pavilion of the “Shoe Fair” has set up 80 booths for exhibitors from Taiwan, focusing on shoes, shoes and shoe products, and optimizing the efficiency and safety of shoemaking requirements. The “Smart Science and Technology Museum” dominated by robot operation appeared in the “Shoe Fair” and attracted attention. Digitalization and automation of the footwear industry, including 3D printing, continued to update the shoe design concept.

“China Shoes Capital” A large number of shoe machine enterprises in Jinjiang have also increased cooperation with universities' R&D bases in recent years to develop a smart production line that includes grinding robots, robots, fully automatic machines, etc. to enhance the reliability of products and help recruitment difficulties. The company solves the labor problem.

At present, Jinjiang is actively applying for the pilot project of the “National Smart City” to accelerate the construction of information infrastructure. These are the epitome of Jinjiang's pioneering development in the traditional manufacturing industry.

According to Liu Wenru, mayor of Jinjiang, Jinjiang enterprises should change from being driven by factors to being driven by innovation; from low-cost competitive advantage to competitive advantage of quality and efficiency; from extensive manufacturing with high resource consumption and heavy pollutant emissions to shifting to green manufacturing; from manufacturing to manufacturing The transition to service-oriented manufacturing.

“Building a 'city of wisdom' is an objective requirement to enhance the competitiveness of the city.” Liu Wenru said that in recent years, the footwear industry in Jinjiang has faced difficulties in overcapacity and shrinking market demand in the footwear industry, and it is imperative to reverse the industry from product innovation and channel changes. Trend growth.

Intelligence has also become a major highlight of the ninth Jinjiang International (Golden Dot Award) sports shoe design competition. Zhou Fuchun, deputy director of the brand department of the China Leather Association, a guest judge of the sneaker competition, said that these products are not only innovative, but also closely integrated with the development of the times, such as smart applications such as chip implantation. This must be the future development trend of the industry.

“China's manufacturing industry is facing a deep integration of industrialization and informatization, and shoe and clothing manufacturing as a labor-intensive industry needs more optimization and upgrading.” Liu Wenru believes that shoes and apparel enterprises are undergoing a “shift period” of transformation and upgrading, and “machine substitution”. "It is imperative to merge with wisdom.

On the 18th Cross-Straits Textile and Garment Expo (“Haifang”) held in the same period as the “Haibo Fair”, “Intelligence-making” is also a particularly eye-catching highlight, including high-level cutting machines and automatic spreaders. , intelligent thread trimmer, intelligent suspension machine, automatic sewing machine and other textile and new smart equipment.

"Machine substitutions" and intelligent textile equipment have gradually become the new trend in the development of "Oriental Milan" Fujian Shishi textile enterprises. Zhang Shishan, mayor of Shishi, said that as the traditional stone textile and apparel-led lion, the enthusiasm of enterprise transformation and upgrading has increased, giving birth to more intelligent, high-end equipment.

With the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry from "manufacture" to "intelligence", Shishi introduced a series of measures to help promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile and footwear industry earlier this year. It has provided large incentives and support for corporate equipment updates and upgrades. "Machine substitutions" strategy landed.

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