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The company was founded in 1999. At present, the company has two manufacturing enterprises, two foreign trade corporations, and two domestic trade corporations. Main facilities are cylinder knitting machine, fancy twisting frame, cotton spinning covering machine double-twisting machine, and etc. The company is capable of processing 15,000 tons of gray yarn and dyed yarn, and supplying 12,000 tons of acrylic materials each year. The leading varieties are worsted yarn, acrylic bulky yarn, solid yarn, blended yarn, anti-pilling yarn and spun-dyed yarn of specifications from 0.5~60 counts. Fancy yarn includes hollow yarn, core-spun yarn, fasciated yarn, napped yarn, loop yarn, sausage yarn, iceland yarn, multi-ply yarn, and other special products. Cotton covering yarn includes single and double yarns of 10 to 32 counts manufactured with various raw materials. The company also supplies domestic or imported acrylic tow, filament, medium staple fibre, cotton staple, colored fiber, and etc. Our products are used for reprocessing knitted garments, hats, scarves, decorative fabrics, gray yarns, dyed yarn, and etc.

Zhangjiagang Tongshunyuan Spandex Yarn Industry Co. Ltd is subsidiary of Jiangsu Tongxiang Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd. It is located in the world's core yarn production home town – Deji ,Zhangjiagang city, JiangsuProvince. The company owns first-class research and development team, cooperating with Donghua University, highest prestige in domestic textile feild , to research and develop all kinds of new textile products. and also is the most important partner of Sinopec acrylic fiber Shanghai plant and Jilin chemical fiber, to promote new materials.

The company with subcontractors produces various types of knitted core yarn more than 10000 tons a year. Product is including cotton fiber core spun yarn and wool fiber core spun yarn. Main varieties: viscose cotton, wool acrylic, silk blend, bamboo fiber, colorful shiny, colorfull neps etc. Cored with PBT, high elastic nylon, spandex coated etc. Product features: comfortable hand feel, anti pilling, antistatic, air permeable, keep warm, dyeable etc, widely used in knitting fabric and clothing for four seasons.

To do precisely and strongly is the goal of our company. Warmly welcome new and old customers home and abroad to work together hand in hand, to strive for the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, and to create a new situation!

Jiangsu Tongxiang Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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